Parallel Documentation

The parellel module is home to the Multiprocess class which uses python’s native multiprocessing module. Find more information here. It will soon be home to MPI (Message Passing Interface) which is also a form of parallel computing.

In order to take advantage of using our supercomputer’s processing power, we looked into mpi and multiprocessing. Both were found to be useful.

This is an optional class in our pipeline, but if you’re using AWS or Google’s supercomputing, then you may find it useful unless you’re interested in or using clustering or SGE (Sun Grid Engine). We have a sge module for that.


A Random Example

from OrthoEvol.Tools import Multiprocess

def printwords(word):

words = ['bae', 'luh', 'cuh']

if __name__ == '__main__':
    mp = Multiprocess()
    mp.map2function(printwords, words)