Manager Documentation

The classes and functions in this module have been designed to help manage existing and new projects using the Cookies module as well as the different utilities found in the Tools module.

Why a manager?

This module is intended to mesh with a Flask user interface. * Whenever a new website is made the RepoManagement and WebManagement classes are used. * Whenever a new user is created in the Flask webpage, the UserManagement class is used. * Whenever an existing user creates a new project, the ProjectManagement class is used.

However, this module does not have to be used to create a Flask webpage. The full repository can be used for higher level organization, or standalone projects can be made using the ProjectManagements _basic_project_ flag.

The DataManagement class helps to tie everything together into a pipeline.


Beware that this is under heavy development.

Utilizing DataManagement to run a pipeline

import os
from OrthoEvol.Manager import DataManagement

DataManagement(pipeline="Ortho_CDS_1", start=True, new=True)

Utilizing DatabaseManagement to download databases


Please view our detailed BioSQL documentation and view some of the static/config related files.